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StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational #5 continued today with elimination galore as 4 teams would see their Minor run end today and the first of these to fall were Team Kinguin and SG e-sports.

Day 3 at the StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational #5 was filled to the brim with eliminations – the opening two series of the day seeing an elimination in each, and the final 2 series seeing another 2 eliminations. So far no teams had met their downfall at the event, but now – with a top 4 spot on the line for the team that could survive 2 separate elimination series, there was all to play for as the penultimate Minor for the inaugural DPC season moved toward its climax.

Team Kinguin versus FlyToMoon

The first elimination match of the day was between Kinguin and FlyToMoon and much like most of the series since Thursday night’s patch, it went the full 3-game distance. The first game of the series saw FTM take a convincing victory with Airat ‘Silent’ Gaziev going deathless on a Faceless Void and racking up a huge 17 kills through the near 50 minute game. Game two could have gone either way but Kinguin were able to muster their strength and tie up the series. However, the deciding game saw them fall permanently out of the Minor – with FTM drafting an almost identical draft to the 2nd game but with Silent once again being unkillable, this time on a Terrorblade.

Kinguin would, unfortunately, be the first team eliminated from the event while FTM moved on to face VGJ.Thunder later in the day in the attempt to avoid elimination.

SG e-sports versus Natus Vincere

The second team eliminated from the StarLadder ImbaTV Invitational #5 were the South American’s, SG e-sports. Going up against what could only be described as the “hometown favourites”, SG battled to find their footing in the quick series. It took Natus Vincere under 50 minutes in-game over 2 games to dispatch their opponents as the CIS squad suffered a total of only 9 deaths throughout the entire series. However, avoiding elimination in this series would not get Na’Vi out of the woods just yet as they would have to fight once more later today against Fnatic – a series that always produces the most amazing plays and results. Unfortunately for SG, their run at the Minor would end here as they fell to last place in their group.

The action, as mentioned, doesn’t end there today – with 2 more best-of-three elimination series still to come. Next up will be VGJ.Thunder and FTM going head-to-head before Na’Vi and Fnatic take to the stage, with all 4 teams trying to avoid elimination and claim a spot in the top 4 of the event, the series are sure to be amazing.

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