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LGD Forever Young announced earlier today He “Inflame” Yongzheng’s return to the team. Inflame left LFY after a decent amount of time spent trying to solve multiple conflicts that sparked between the players after The International 2017. The whole situation led to a surprise shuffle in February this year.

Just a month ago LFY dropped their captain Leong “DDC” Fat-meng, let go Inflame who announced back then that he is taking an extended break from the competitive scene, welcomed back a familiar face, Yao “Yao” Zhengzheng and welcomed aboard Khoo “Ohaiyo” Chong Xin.

All seemed settled and the team entered their first regional qualifiers in the new formula. However, they failed to take the one spot available for the Chinese region for the DreamLeague Minor. This past weekend they finished last at the Bucharest Major, and despite the positive attitude displayed during the event, today’s official announcement made by LFY regarding Ohaiyo’s departure tells a different story.

A few moments after LFY announced their decision we reached both Pan Fei, the team manager, and Inflame who accepted to answer a few questions for VPesports.

Here is what they had to say:

Pan Fei:

Hello, Fei and thank you for accepting this short interview. So, TI8 open qualifiers it is, can you tell us more about what happened, why was Inflame replaced during the official shuffle from the end of January in the first place?

The team had some issues in terms of team management and player mentality. After TI 7 players lost the focus which led to a serious decline in performance. Inflame, who was too eager to achieve good results, used an inappropriate communication method. This resulted in conflicts within the team that were hard to resolve. Moreover, he was also feeling exhausted due to his neck problem and decided to leave the team during the transfer period

We’ve spoken to both Ohaiyo and Yao at the recently ended Bucharest Major, and both seemed confident that hard work will improve the team’s performance. So, could you give us a little bit of insight on what happened after the Major?

We performed poorly at the Major and the team chemistry was just not there yet, it concerned us. And on the other hand, I’ve been looking for a suitable team for Inflame during the Chinese New Year. After the Major, we had a meeting together and we decided to give each other another chance to fight for a better result.

Ohaiyo told us in the interview we had with him in Bucharest “I’m probably the weakest link right now”, and I’m curious because the western fans might not be fully aware of how the communication is going between your players, was Ohaiyo’s Chinese language skill a problem?

Ohaiyo’s Chinese is good for daily conversation, but when it comes to the in-game communications, he is not accustomed to the way the Chinese teams communicate. As such, he seemed out of sync from the team at times.

Do you know if he has plans to perhaps join a new stack or anything like that?

Ohaiyo was transferred from Fanatic to LGD Club and he is thinking about finding a new team. Also if there’s any team who’s interested in him, please feel free to contact me


Hey Inflame, and thanks for accepting the interview. I’ll go straight to the subject: You seemed pretty determined a month ago when you left LFY, what made you change your mind?

After ESL One Genting I was exhausted by the conflicts inside the team. During the 2 months of rest, I tried my best to adjust my mental and physical state, I talked to Fei several times and then decided to come back to LFY.

Was there a big issue between you and DDC at the moment you decided to leave?

I really enjoy playing with DDC, his transfer was also one of the reasons I left.

Will you work with Yao and help him in the captain’s role now, or will you just focus on the offlane duties with no extra responsibilities?

I’ll try my best to do what I’m supposed to do no matter which team I’m in.

How do you see the TI8 open qualifiers challenge?

Open qualifier is not our focus yet. For now, our priority is to improve the overall skill level of the team. And if we manage to do that, open qualifier shouldn’t be a problem.

One last question, if you don’t mind: Why does the Chinese community call you “Boss”?

I already forget where it comes from. Now I feel it’s just a kind nickname.

Alright, thanks for talking to us and we wish you and LFY best of luck in this second half of the competitive season, leading up to TI8.

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