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The first day in the arena at MDL Changsha Major opened with a frantic best-of-one elimination game between Newbee and Invictus Gaming.

Newbee drafted an all in pushing strategy with Death Prophet in the offlane for Damien “kpii” Chok, a mid lane Kunkka, a Lycan and a Shadow Shaman but, their game plan was heavily countered by IG who went with strong counter picks and heroes that would provide them laning stage presence and humongous high ground defense tools.


image courtesy of Newbee via Weibo

With three ultimates made for taking objectives, Newbee played around the Aegis timer and did a very good job on securing it four times in the game.  The first Roshan kill came 18 minutes in but, IG’s line-up was already strong enough to hold the tier three towers intact. Ten minutes later Newbee secured the second Aegis and place it on the Death Prophet which allowed them to take two tier three towers in one push, however they’ve lost three heroes, and had to wait for another window of opportunity. Despite having two lanes of barracks exposed, IG were keeping up with the pace of the game extremely well. 35 minutes in, the kill score was dead even 13 to 13, and Newbee had just a 3K gold advantage. The longer the game was going, IG’s cores Dragon Knight and Lifestealer became a bigger problem and Newbee were forced to a very late game scenario where they were close to getting eliminated.

Close to the fifty-minute mark Invictus Gaming claimed the fourth Roshan, took a few kills outside of the Newbee base and managed to secure Mega Creeps in just one push as Xu “Moogy” Han was without a buyback and Death Prophet had her ultimate on cool down. That’s when the Kunkka Divine Rapier came into play as the only option for Newbee to keep the creep waves outside their base and hope for the best.

Song “Sccc” Chun bought the item at the 60 minutes mark but the game lasted nearly 10 minutes more. Newbee tried to secure a fifth Rosh kill but IG’s Ye “BoBoKa” Zhibiao had a perfect jump in the Pit on his Sand king and snatched the Aegis. Kunkka was killed in that team fight but luckily his Rapier was recovered. However, a few moments later Newbee’s Ancient was brought down to less than half HP. IG almost felt the victory in their hands when Kunkka got an extremely lucky crit and one shotted a full HP Dragon Knight. IG got annihilated and Newbee were able to make a final push to save themselves from elimination.

Divine Rapier One Shot

The playoffs day will continue in China with another Lower Bracket BO1, iG.Vitality vs PSG.LGD, followed by round two of elimination matches.


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