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“We thought Lycan was useless so we sent him to attack the buildings while we do the rest,” said Xu “fy” Linsen in the winner’s interview at the end of PSG.LGD vs iG.Vitality best-of-one elimination match from MDL Changsha Major.

PSG.LGD had a pushing strategy in their mind for this game, but also with good team fight options. It was another Kunkka game but unlike in Newbee’s game from earlier today, this time around the hero was played from a support position while the main damage dealers for PSG.LGD were  Lu “Maybe” Yao’s Storm Spirit and Wang “Ame” Chunyu’s Razor. Yang “Chalice”‘ Shenyi on Lycan had one big task: take iG.Vitality’s towers down while his teammates were creating distraction onto some other lanes. The plan went decently well, however, iGV had an old school core Naga Siren line-up with a Tidehunter and an Ancient Apparition for the team fights.

Galvin “Meracle” Kang is regarded as the father of the Radiance-Octarine Core Naga Siren item build, and as expected, he was the main factor in iGV’s capability of dragging the game up to 70 minutes. Unfortunately, regardless of how tanky a core Naga Siren can go these days, a line-up made only around her cannot succeed against a Storm, a Divine Rapier Razor and a Lycan split pushing.

Around the 55 minute mark iG Vitality took down Roshan and had a triple Ravage on their side to force the issue, but Tidehunter didn’t have enough mana to land the big spell three times, and while iGV were desperately trying to take down PSG.LGD, Chalice was constantly split pushing. In the old glory days of Naga Coe, she was one of the best split pushers but today’s games proved she is not that effective when Storm can just zip-zap across the map, leaving numerous Static Remnants behind to cut the creep weaves.

With Vitality getting also eliminated from MDL Changsha Major, Invictus Gaming have no team left in the competition and the Chinese region is left with three teams fighting for a shot at the championship title. Newbee will be playing against OG next, in the second round of the lower bracket, PSG.LGD will end today’s matches against TNC Predator while Vici Gaming is the only squad in the upper bracket.

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