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Earlier today was brought to everyone’s attention that a team in the South American regional qualifiers for The International 2018 might have used a macro to clearly gain an unfair advantage.

The said team is Thunder Predator and the player who used the third party macro is Juan “Atuun” Ocho. The script allowed him to make multiple actions with one click, that’s a macro for those who might not be so familiar with the technical side of in-game functions. Thunder Predator used the said script in deciding games against paiN Gaming and SG e-sports and at the end of day two in the SA playoffs, they were the first to advance into the qualifiers grand finals.


Without receiving an official statement from Valve, just minutes before the SA qualifiers were about to resume, the Faceit admins released the following:

“ In the case of Thunder Gaming in SA Qualifiers, this is the decision that was taken:

  • Disqualify Thunder Gaming for using unfair advantage
  • SG vs Pain in the Winner’s Finals
  • Loser plays Torus in the Loser’s Finals
  • Winner of that Plays winner of A in the Grand Finals”


Just two days ago Valve announced on their twitter that they have issued yet another wave of bans against players that use third-party scripts. This makes it even harder to believe that pro players are confused or unaware of what is allowed or not in an official competition, especially when we’re talking about qualifying to the biggest and most prestigious tournament of them all.



The South American qualifiers will resume today with the upper bracket finals SG e-sports vs paiN Gaming while Torus are automatically advanced from lower bracket round 1 to the lower bracket finals.


Thunder Predator in Danger of Being Disqualified From TI8 Qualifiers for Cheating

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