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Xu “BurNIng” Zhilei’s wife, Pink revealed last week on Weibo her husband’s plans of reviving Team DK. Not even a week has passed since then and more info is coming out, this time from BurNIng himself.

BurNIng’s fan group on Weibo has been extremely active, many of them wanted updates on Team DK’s possible roster. BurNIng’s stream has gone inactive and it was announced on his fan group that his contract with has ended. According to the announcement, BurNIng will be present on the Chinese panel for the Super Major and will not be streaming for the next couple of days.

It was also revealed that BurNIng made a stack which shouldn’t be regarded as the new Team DK but more like a tryout project.

Interestingly enough, his stack has Invictus Gaming’s former mid laner Ou “Op” Peng, with whom BurNIng played last year when he was still active at IG. While BurNIng broke ties with the organization at the beginning of 2018, Op is still listed as an IG player, however he is inactive.

Also inactive and in tests with BurNIng is Xu “Hym” Zhi who is mostly known for his over one year spent with Vici Gaming, from March 2016 to September 2017 when he was recruited by EHOME. Same as Op, Hym is still listed under his last team tag, however he’s been benched by EHOME last week when they made their latest roster change.

BurNIng, Hym and Op are joined in this temporary team by two youngsters, fairly unknown but according to some of the Chinese forums, both with a lot of potential. (cold bird) has briefly played with Rock.Y and Duta who comes from Echo Gaming, the Chinese organization that locked an international team for this Dota Pro Circuit but hasn’t played a single game in any of the Minors and Majors qualifiers.

The roster was confirmed by BurNIng on one of his last streams before heading to the SuperMajor, however, nothing is set in stone and more updates will come after TI8.


BurNIng Plans to Revive Team DK

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