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After a close battle in the TI 8 qualifiers, Dominik ‘Black^’ Reitmeier has left Entity Gaming. The team, which has its roots in India with owner Neerav Rukhana, defied all odds as they made it through the TI 8 qualifiers, put up some great performances in the group stages of the regional qualifiers and made it to the playoffs where they eventually went down to TNC and TNC Tigers. Entity went through a lot of drama throughout the season, when a player who was supposed to play with them did not approve of Black^. However, when that player chose not to carry on in the season with Entity, they decided to get Black^ for themselves. But as the roster lock period had passed, Entity had to go through the open qualifiers for The International 2018.

Entity Gaming’s manager, Sid ‘Boogiesan’ Joshi shared his thoughts on Black^’s departure from the team and his time with Entity-

It’s no secret that Black^ was our original choice for the lineup. But some things did not work out and we played in different teams. As TI came closer, Black^ was looking for a team and we were looking for a carry. The player and the team decided to give fate a chance and agreed to play the TI 8 qualifiers together. Black^’s addition to the team was only for TI 8. Therefore there is no bad blood with him leaving the organization. We did what we mutually agreed to do. During this year, I felt like my cores had built an immense synergy amongst themselves and we needed a carry who could fit right in. Someone who was capable of making his own decisions, staying calm under pressure and able to carry a game on his own. Black^ was just that. I think he is a great person to have on your team. He’s very professional and works very hard. He also shows accountability where required which is a very difficult trait to find. As in if he plays bad, he knows he’s played bad and you won’t have to say it to him. He apologies for it himself. I think if he finds the right 4 again, he will be right at the top. He’s also very funny, calm and composed under pressure. I wish nothing but the best for him.

On Entity Gaming’s season and the close TI 8 regional qualifiers, Sid had this to say-

Our goal was to make the SEA TI regional qualifiers this year. With a constantly changing carry and the very limited time we had with Black^, I think the boys have exceeded all expectations. I finally think this was a very good learning experience and we are well prepared going into the new season .

Entity Gaming currently has four players in its active roster:

Entity Gaming current roster:
Jure ‘Pingvincek‘ Plešej – Mid
Mikki ‘HesteJoe-Rotten’ Mørch Junget  – Offlane
Danny ‘NoiA‘ Mørch Junget – Support   
Job Real ‘Jobeeezy’ Ramos – Support

Entity Gaming have been improving as each year passes by. Not only did they make the regional qualifiers for TI this year, their roster before this one made it to the last stage of WESG. With a bit more time on their hands to sort out the carry problems and four players who gel well with each other, Entity Gaming might just find the last piece to the jigsaw puzzle that they have been missing.

As for Black^, he is man who does not necessarily stick to one particular region. His last two stints have been in the SEA region. This is all that he revealed on his Twitter account:

Maybe keep watching the stream to know where he ends up? But before we see him back in professional Dota, there is a possibility he might be as an analyst for The International 2018. Either ways, Black^ and Entity are two entities to look out for next season!

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