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Head coach of Astralis, Danny “zonic” Sørensen had a chat with us following the Danish sides relatively swift 2-0 victory over Team Liquid. He discussed their recent semifinal match, and Na’Vi and their duo.

VPesports: Going into this game, everyone was kind of hyping it up. dupreeh said it was probably going to be the best match of the Major and I know a lot of other people including the talent thought so too. However, it didn’t really seem to play out the way everyone thought, at least by the scoreline. What do you think that came down to?

zonic: I think Liquid played a decent game, they played really well in my opinion but I think we were playing a lot better than we actually did before the vacation this game. Everyone was hitting their shots and the communication was good. Maybe not the first couple of rounds on Nuke, we were struggling and made a couple of stupid mistakes. But I’m happy to see our Mirage finally got back, we’ve been struggling a little with it after the vacation. For the viewers, it probably wasn’t exciting because of score wasn’t close but a couple more mistakes, from our side at least, and it could’ve been a lot closer.

VPesports: When I talked to xyp9x at ELEAGUE Premier, he told me you guys were expecting to come out of the player break a bit rusty and would warm up with DreamHack Stockholm. Then you guys got here and there was still a little bit of rust but it seems you guys have knocked it off with this performance. Can it get any better? Will you bring an even better game against Na’Vi?

zonic: I sure hope so, but xyp9x is right. One option was not to attend DreamHack Stockholm and then just play the qualifier, but you saw at the ELEAGUE Major in January that all the teams that played in the Challenger stage were really warm and destroying all the Legend teams. So to have Stockholm as like, I wouldn’t call it a warmup because we tried to win it as much as any other tournament but we accepted the fact that we probably wouldn’t be at 100%. To answer your question, I hope that we can win and will play even better against Na’Vi tomorrow because we will need that. They play really well and have this weird style of playing. It doesn’t always suit us, especially the stacking game as CT. We tend to play the logic way and they tend to gamble a bit and then if s1mple and electronic are on fire then it’s going to be a really tough game for us, then we have to play better.

VPesports: With that different playstyle and players like Edward and flamie also stepping up, how do you prepare for a team like that? Do you change your style at all to counter s1mple?

zonic: No not in a big way. We change a couple of things to adjust if we see a something during our preparation that we need to fix. I tend to agree with them being the best duo out there, they’ve been playing phenomenally. I haven’t been paying much attention to their games, but if you’re saying Edward and flamie are stepping up as well it’s going to be even harder than I thought.

What’s special about our team is that sometimes we have these star players that my players are able to shut down. Like GuardiaN on Inferno a couple months back. So I think if we prepare right and really get ourselves hype for the game and get our momentum going from the start then we can shut them down as well.


(Photo courtesy of Astralis)

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