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I’ve been using a lot of ever since it came out, but even more so for the recent ESL events. They just have the most convenient VOD service I’ve seen of anyone where they are instantly uploaded after the match ends and you get the choice of seeing Point of View of certain players. It’s a lot easier to understand why GuardiaN is smashing dev1ce when you see it first hand than when you see it in the general broadcast view.

It does cost money, but that’s fine for me as I think it’s worth the money. So for this blog I’d like to pick out some POVs I think should be watched. For FaZe vs Cloud 9, watch GuardiaN and Skadoodle. GuardiaN seems to be in good form and you can compare his style to Skadoodle. As for Skadoodle, I want to see if anything has changed since FNS became the leader. For Na`Vi, s1mple as always. I’ve never seen someone play at this high a level so consistently. Finally I’d pick oskar because he is one of the most wild players in CS:GO.

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