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TyLoo is a team that rose up through the ranks throughout 2018. After adding xccurate, they were able to find a style of play that worked for them given the complete lack of teamplay and inherent disadvantage they have in communications. Among the tier 2 teams, they are one of the favorite to watch in terms of pure entertainment.


However their surprise factor has slowly warn off against all of the teams in the world. Teams are starting to get more used to their wild playstyle and have slowly adapted to it. This in turn has made TyLoo hit a hard ceiling in terms of progression. On any given day, they can upset most of the better teams than them based on their individual skill and having the right opponents (basically teams that let them play Mirage, Cache, or Inferno).


TyLoo themselves realized this problem and have since started to try to strengthen their weak maps like Dust2, Overpass, and Train. This was confirmed in an HLTV interview by xccurate.


What I’m curious about then is how strong their former strong maps are. As time goes on, people start to figure those out and so teams have to put in more time to keep their best maps at the cutting edge. Every lineup has a natural synergy that sets their baseline ability on every map. After that, they have to put in the time to improve. As time is a limited resource, it is impossible for any team, no matter how long to build a seven map pool (outside of Astralis and even they don’t play cache).


Gambit is a good example of a team that shifted their map pool at the expense of losing the edge on their home maps. The version I’m talking about is the Major winning iteration with Zeus. At the beginning of their run, their two best maps were cobblestone and Overpass. By the time the Major hit, I feel like they had mostly lost the edge that made them world beaters on that map (the victory against Astralis was predicated on mou winning every retake with an AWP essentially and as for cobblestone, they got murdered on it by Immortals). That worked though because Gambit didn’t attend as many LANs so their enemies didn’t realize what had changed.


I’ve already seen some of the backlash for TyLoo at Malta. When they played against HellRaisers, they hadn’t done anything new on the T-side of Mirage. While it could just be a one off, the best-of-three later against BIG will show us how much of a hit TyLoo’s better maps took in order for them to expand their map pool.

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