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With Golden joining Cloud9, that is four of the players locked in place for the team. The question we should ask now is who should be the fifth for the Major?


Currently, I think there are four choices: STYKO, apEX, NBK, and cromen. STYKO is the most obvious choice in that he has already stood-in for the team before. He has a good mindset and is a good support player. He is also probably the most convenient choice that Cloud9 can make as they have played with him before and so a repeat deal with mouz should be easy to do. However he doesn’t have the requisite firepower Cloud9 need to fill in the gaps that Stewie2K and tarik left behind.


If I had to pick one player out of these four, I’d pick apEX. You can win entire games if apEX has one of his good games as the sheer impact he brings as an entry-fragger can be insane. I think he has the highest ceiling of all the players on this list.


NBK is my second choice. He makes more sense if Cloud9 have any plans of trying to get him long term after his contract expires in G2. Get him on a loan for the Major and see if he fits the team. I think in terms of raw versatility, he’s probably one of the best I’ve ever seen.


Cromen is a potential fourth pick. His stock has gone up since his time playing for FaZe. I think he’d make a good entry fragger for the team and create a lot of space for Autimatic on the T-side. However he’s less experienced than the other three so it’s more of a gamble if Cloud9 go with him.

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