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Cache will no longer be in the CS:GO Active Duty and is getting replaced by Vertigo, Valve confirmed Friday. This likely means that Cache will also be cast out of most CS:GO tournaments and that we’ll see Vertigo at the StarLadder Major in Berlin.

At LAN tournaments in the last six months, Cache ranks as the second lowest played map, right behind the very unpopular, multi-layered Nuke. As a result, it is little surprise that Valve are trying to freshen up the map pool by exiling it in favor of Vertigo.

Vertigo is an old CS map, originally dating back to 2012. It was removed in 2017, reworked, then put back as early as this January. The map has since gone through various changes, the most recent of which being:

  • Added new cover in bottom of mid, that doubles as a ramp towards “window” to B site
  • Pushed up CT spawns slightly
  • Prioritized spawn positions, CTs will be biased towards forward spawns, Ts biased towards rear spawns
  • Added corner railing to catwalk on B site
  • Blocked two-man boost on top of spools in CT spawn
  • Blocked angle over wall when going down stairs from B site towards T spawn
  • Tweaked T stairs up to bombsite B
  • Tweaked layout of T spawn slightly
  • Updated bombsite target models on sites
  • Elevator shaft injuries now count towards the injury statistic
  • Fixed various clipping issues

With this change, the Active Duty map pool will consist of:

  • Mirage
  • Inferno
  • Train
  • Dust2
  • Overpass
  • Vertigo
  • Nuke
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