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Among all of the teams in the field currently, the only team that is a mysterious quantity is Team Liquid. On paper this is a team that has all of the potential to be a championship contender team. Among all of the various teams, this is the one that keeps tricking me the most in making me believe in their potential. So for me, this tournament will be a critical tournament to evaluate how they do against the best teams to see where they rank. If they can become a legitimate threat to Astralis, be in the Mouz-Fnatic class, or below that.


One of the big things to look out for is how well can Liquid play in a tough series. In the Stanislaw iteration of the lineup, right after they changed roles, this was a team that could grind out close series against both Astralis/SK and win through their tactics, roles, and individual performances. Since then they feel much more hot and cold, either dominating or not showing up at all.

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