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Yesterday, Nel reported that G2 were planning to do a roster shuffle as they plan to remove Ex6TenZ and SmithZz for Lucky and JACKZ from 3DMax. This is a hard shuffle to break down as I don’t know what kind of players Lucky or JACKZ are, but from the report it seems likely that neither of them are in-game leaders. So instead I will look at this particular shuffle by looking at the flaws of the last two iterations of G2 where Shox was a part.


In the All-Star lineup that had: KennyS, NBK, apEX, Shox, and bodyy had essentially three problems. The first was that Shox could not lead with any level of consistency. The second was that the team could not find a way to get Shox and kennyS firing at the same time. The third problem was the clash of personalities between Shox and NBK/apEX. When NBK tried to give a solution for the previous G2 lineup by becoming the leader, the entire team fell apart and we got the French Civil War.


Now let’s look at the current G2 lineup, the one that has Shox, SmithZz, Ex6TenZ, kennyS, and bodyy. When I look at this lineup i think Shox has been the standout player…and no one else. Bodyy is average to underwhelming. kennyS is a big money drain at the current moment. SmithZz was bad and Ex6TenZ is a role player.


Now let’s look at the calling. What does it mean to be a good leader? There are a multitude of ways to break it down, but from the outside we can only judge a few things. Is this team greater than or less than the sum of its parts. How good is the map pool. How good are the calls and tactics.


So when I look at this team, I actually think that in terms of firepower this version of G2 is incredibly weak. They only have one reliable star in Shox. Everyone else is playing at a role player level. In that sense, their results are about what you’d expect. I’ve seen some clever things on their CT-sides and some tactics on their T-sides, but their map pool is underdeveloped. Additionally, Ex6TenZ has been unable to get KennyS online. Without knowing the internal politics or motivations of the players, I’d say it’s either average or slightly above average.


So when we look at the flaws of G2 in both iterations of G2 that I’ve mentioned so far, what does the new change solve? My first assumption is that it will likely solve some firepower issues.


Beyond that, it doesn’t seem to be soliving anything. I don’t know how the two new players will suddenly make kennyS be a good player again. At the same time, they’ve recreated the leader problem from the previous G2 lineup. As of now, this G2 lineup could be better or it could be worse. Either way though, it doesn’t solve the inherent problems of the team.

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