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Inspired by the Player Hater Ball, some of the DBLTAP members and I have decided to run a Player Haters Draft. This is like your typical fantasy draft, but instead of trying to make the best team possible, you must make the worst team possible to prove yourself to be the greatest player hater of them all.


The Players


Me – The one writer in the world who dreamt and hoped for the Shanghai Dragons going 0-40.


Dekay – When he isn’t spending his time investigating shitty orgs to hate on them, he spends his time hating on bad players across all different competitive fields….probably, I mean I have no proof, I’m not an investigative journalist, but the fact that he’s playing should be proof enough.


Vince – When he doesn’t spend his time hating on Ty Lue for ruining the life of one LeBron James, he finds time to do a full-time job as editor of DBLTAP. As a Cavs fan, he understands what it means to be a true player hater.


The Rules


1 – The 30 players in the playoffs will be drafted by the three of us in a snake draft. A picks, B picks, C picks, then reverse order C>B>A, till all 30 players are drafted.


2 – Each drafter must have at least 1 player from each team.


3 – Each drafter must submit a roster they wish to field before the playoff game starts. If you do not have enough players, you get a +3 points per player per map. (For instance, if you can only have 2 players in a particular matchup and the game goes to 3 maps, the total score is 27+the K-D of the 2 players fielded).


4 – Score is determined by the K-D differential. (The lower the score, the better)


5 – If no roster is submitted, I will default pick your roster with as many players you have in a particular matchup.


6 – Between each map, you are allowed to change the roster lineup of what you wish to field as long as the roster is given before the map starts.


7- You can only change your own players (Look at rule 2 of home/away field advantage) and you cannot field a player that is not being played in the matchup.


Home and Away Field Advantage


1- Home and Away teams are DBLTAP: Vince/Dekat. VPEsports: Me. Matchups are drafted in snake draft for the quarter/semifinals.


2- Home matchup advantage: You get to use one of your own subs or the teams subs and force them to be fielded in the roster. Example: If I have NiKo on my sub list, I can field him on Vince’s team. Or if Dekay has GuardiaN on his subs list (and doesn’t field him for obvious reasons), I can force him to be fielded as one of the 5 players.


*I cannot field the same player for both players on the away team, so if I did have NiKo as a sub, I can only field him on one of Dekay/Vince’s teams. Additionally, Dekay and vince have to agree on which player they sub for my team.


3- Away matchup has 0 advantage.


4- Grand Finals is home advantage for both sides.


The Awards


Like true player haters, nobody really wins, we all lose. So if I win, Vince must put on his twitter profile:


“Ty Lue is my Lord and Savior.”


If Vince wins, Dekay must put on his twitter profile,


Marshawn Lynch is the most overrated player of all time”


If Dekay wins, I have to put,


“Avid supporter of the American School System.”


For the record the American School System is trash in so many different ways, that I could waste an entire treatise on it and still not scratch the surface of why it is so terrible.

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