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‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast


Both the Desert Eagle (shortened to Deagle) and CZ are powerful pistols in the game of CS:GO. However the reception of the two pistols couldn’t be any more different. The reason for that is because the Desert Eagle is a specialist gun that requires technique, precision, and aim to pull off. It is a weapon that rewards the player for having incredible skill.


The CZ on the other hand is a weapon that anyone can pick up and have a big round with. It is incredibly powerful, mobile, cheap, and doesn’t have as high of a skill floor as the Deagle. Name off the top of your head the best Deagle players in the world. You have players like: Dupreeh, s1mple, NiKo, and lekr0. All of them are incredible with the weapon and it’s clear that when you see them play that they are better than your peers. Now look at any of the best pistol players and mediocre players with the CZ and there isn’t that much of a difference. I don’t get nearly as hyped when NiKo picks up the CZ than when I see him pickup the Deagle.


For me, that is the entire problem with the weapon. There isn’t enough personal expression or artistry in the weapon. With many other guns in the game, I can get hyped up if a certain player is wielding it. With the CZ it just feels dull. It doesn’t allow the player to show how good they really are because it doesn’t challenge them enough. It just doesn’t have a high enough skill floor. There are other problems with the CZ, but I think those could be bearable if the CZ was a skill intensive gun, but it isn’t.

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