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DeKay has written up an article talking more about the Coldzera situation. It’s great so you should go ahead and read the entire thing here. It confirms the idea I posited in my last blog of Coldzera potentially joining the Golden State Warri–scratch that– I mean the FaZe Clan. Unlike Dekay though, I’m not an investigative journalist, the move just makes sense purely on a theoretical level.

Currently there are three scenarios at play. The first is the one where he stays in MIBR. For this to happen, the team must change their fifth player soon and return to the days of old LG where they grinded day after day to match the expectations of Coldzera. In addition to that, their results must improve enough for him to be satisfied. Among the three, this has a decent chance to succeed due to time.

On one hand he could go to Liquid, reunite with TACO and zews, both people he has had huge success with.I’d love to see this as I love the duo of TACO and Coldzera, though I haven’t a clue who they’d remove. On the other hand it would fix the “it” factor that Liquid need as Coldzera is that personality type and superstar to say “Get on my back and follow me.” when the going gets tough.

On the other hand you have the FaZe move. Dekay mentions in the report that Coldzera would like to play with NiKo at some point. Superstars want to play with other superstars. It’s part of the reason why FaZe has been able to attract so much talent beyond their deep pockets.

All three paths have their ups and downs. MIBR feels like it’s stagnating, but a part of me still believes in FalleN as a leader. Liquid has the potential and with Coldzera he could kick it into overdrive. FaZe could become even more super. Whatever decision he makes will have huge implications on the entire CS:GO World.

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