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Photo: Liquid

They’ve done it. Team Liquid has secured its place as the number one Counter-Strike team in the world.

While they didn’t get to hoist the trophy after their 2-1 victory at DreamHack Masters Dallas due to an issue with UPS delivering it, they did get $100,000 and the title of best CS:GO team.

After 406 days at the best CS:GO team in the world, Astralis has been replaced at the summit. This is both due to Liquids consistent final appearances (with some nice wins), but also due to Astralis’ drastically decreased schedule. With the Danish side not attending as many top tier events, this provided an opportunity for Liquid to close the gap.

Further than closing the gap, the victory in Dallas secured enough points to steal the number one spot away. While it’s not necessarily the “era of Liquid” this is a great chance for the North American mix to build their name, confidence, and continue the regions rise.

Not everyone agrees with the ranking though. There are many who sit on the other side of the aisle claiming that until Liquid can take down Astralis on a consistent basis, they can’t take the spot. They believe Astralis’ decision to be more picky with their events is a right they’ve earned and that they shouldn’t be punished for.

The world can’t wait on them, however, and if teams are still competing almost weekly, there must be changes and points accumulated. In addition, past events will fall out of the algorithm leaving past successes not holding the same weight as is found in most ranking systems.

With all this in mind, there are rights and wrongs to either side and not everyone has to agree.

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