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From here on out, the IEM Katowice Challengers Stage will only have bo3s. We have finished three rounds of the Swiss system and have a much better view of the respective teams. The matchups tomorrow are:


2-1 Matches:


Vitality vs ViCi

ENCE vs Winstrike


1-2 Matches:

NiP vs Vega

G2 vs Fnatic

Cloud9 vs Furia


My predictions for the 2-1 games are:



Vitality > ViCi

ENCE > Winstrike


The reasoning is as follows:


ENCE is just a better team than Winstrike. As for TyLoo, they have far more raw skill in the server with nearly all of their players able to go off at any time. Their teamwork is better than the last iteration and they’ve shown a few unique tactics that I think will throw AVANGAR off (like the double barreled execute they tried to pull out on NRG on Mirage).


As for ViCi, I predicted against them for the Fnatic game. I predicted against them for the Cloud9 game and I’ll predict against them for a third time against Vitality. While I’ve been forced to respect ViCi gaming, I still don’t think they have what it takes to make it to the Legends stage. I’ve already gone this far, so I may as well keep going.


My predictions for the 1-2 games are:


NiP > Vega

Fnatic > G2

C9 > Furia


While Vega Squadron have often been the bane of NiP’s existence at the Majors, I don’t think they will keep getting away with it. Especially as it’s bo3 from here on out. I think the overall skill and teamplay of NiP should win out over Vega’s aggressive style.


Fnatic vs G2 is a battle of disappointments. G2 have been disappointing me for all of 2018 while Fnatic have crashed and burned at this Major. Fnatic have continued to decline in form while G2 look fairly shoddy on both sides of the map. With both teams in such disarray, I’ll bet on the best player in the server. As that’s KRIMZ, I think Fnatic edge this one out.


The last matchup is between Cloud9 and Furia. Cloud9’s stock have crashed into the floor after ViCi slaughtered them today. As for Furia, they’ve played pretty decent Counter-Strike outside of the first blowout to NiP. While I think there is a trick that Furia can pull to upset Cloud9 in a bo3, I don’t think they’ll gamble on a map veto. As that’s the case I have Cloud9 beating them.

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