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Team Liquid will take on Astralis in the grand final of ECS Season 8 live in Arlington, Texas, however, the North American lineups Jake “stewie2k” Yip has already earned a new accolade for his region.

Win or lose, stewie2k will have broken a barrier no player outside of the current Astralis lineup has. The 21-year-old will have reached $1 million in prize money earned according to It is, of course, worth noting that this does NOT include salaries, sponsorship, and other sources of income and is strictly based on tournament earnings.

All five members of the Astralis roster have done so and then some with Emil “Magisk” Reif picking up the fifth spot at $1,212,181.97 earned. Prior to this event, stewie2k sat at $986,090. As Team Liquid has secured second place at the very least, the team will have netted $100,000 to be split amongst the players.

Having been a member of the first Major champion lineup from North America (Cloud9, ELEAGUE Major Boston), he joined Liquid and helped the roster on its way to picking up six tier-one titles in a row, helping to bolster his already larger than most tournament earnings.

North American Counter-Strike was seen as a meme just years ago and will now have a player sitting in a group of only six who have won over $1 million with his teammates not too far behind as Keith “NAF” Markovic breaks the $900,000 mark.

First place and a trophy is the goal for Team Liquid, but who doesn’t like accomplishing something new.

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