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It’s been a week of drama for CS:GO and now even the players are letting loose on Twitter. Previously we’ve had the drama between ESL and FLASHPOINT, then Duncan “Thorin” Shields and Nikolaj Nyholm. The latter brought forth some pretty bold statements from Nyholm who claimed a B Site (FLASHPOINT) exec referred to Thorin as “an unstable and deeply troubled character but a key to winning over the core and has nominally good ideas.”

To jump into today’s drama, Jake “stewie2k” Yip and Noah “Nifty” Francis had a small but loud engagement on Twitter. It all starts with a video from Rivalry which saw Nifty answering questions about teams, players, maps, etc. in terms of whether they are overrated or underrated.

The issue stemmed from when Nifty was asked whether Team Liquid, Stewie2k’s current organization, and he responded overrated. “I would say Liquid is overrated. They’re a great team when they want to be,” he said. “They struggle with their own problems outside the team, it’s really tough to have a roster like that and perform well together cohesively all the time. You really have to leave egos at the door. They face that worse than anyone.”

You can find the exact moment for this discussion in the below video at 0:31.

It wasn’t all bad though, as Nifty followed it up saying “but obviously they have the ability to be the greatest NA roster of all time – especially for CS:GO.”

Stewie didn’t take too kindly to the idea regardless and called out Nifty for “speaking out of your (Nifty’s) a** about us.” After explaining that his team understood what it means to be teammates, he followed it up by providing his own advice, telling Nifty, “look yourself in the mirror.”

While no more words were shared by either player, Nifty did respond with what fans are seeing as a bit of an odd gif given the situation. “You don’t want no smoke” is written at the bottom and it’s left fans wondering if there’s maybe more proverbial ammo to be thrown from the Envy player. The other option is of course that he’s trying to play down the situation and lighten the mood.

Regardless, it has drawn the attention of many other players or figures in the scene with responses by several including Tres “stunna” Saranthus, Damian “daps” Steele, and more.

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