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StarLadder’s seventh season of the StarSeries i-League CS:GO tournament series will travel to Shanghai and feature a whopping $500,000 prize pool, the organizer announced Wednesday. This is a significant increase from the usual $300,000 floor that StarLadder have maintained for the last five tournaments.

The event will run Mar. 10 to Apr. 8 and will feature a total of 16 teams. The format is a best-of-3 Swiss stage feeding into the top 8 single elimination playoffs. 13 of the teams in the pool will receive. direct invites. The remaining three will come from the NA, EU and Asia regional qualifiers.

StarLadder have also announced the first invited team, Brasil’s Team Wild. To justify the perhaps unusual invite, league’s Product Manager Sergey “Negative” Bidzan said:

“The South American region has plenty of players with high potential, but they are almost unable to prove themselves on the international stage and to become a part of some famous organization. Only a few teams have managed to “escape” from the region and, moreover, it became possible only due to great efforts and no smaller portion of luck.”

StarLadder are also “planning to open another way to the international stage for these players”, Bidzan added. The company has started cooperating with local organizers for hosting qualifiers to find the best teams in the region.

More information on the qualifiers for StarSeries i-League Season 7 will be announced this Friday, Nov. 16. StarLadder provided no additional information about other invited teams, though one could expect one seed to go to defending StarSeries champions ENCE.

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