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Photo by: StarLadder

According to recent reports by Jarek “DeKay” Lewis, StarLadder will play host to the next CS:GO Major. No dates have been specified, but the 15th Major will travel to Berlin, Germany this time around, the report says. CS:GO journalist neL further confirmed DeKay’s reporting.

The first hints that StarLadder have been awarded the rights to the most prestigious tournament in CS:GO came Wednesday. In a tweet, StarLadder esports manager Alex Trushliakov said that “we’re about to host the next CS:GO Major.” Trushliakov later backtracked, saying he was actually referring to Season 7 of the StarSeries & i-League tournament, though his particular choice of words in combination with DeKay’s report do suggest he was likely talking about the Major after all.

Should the report be officially confirmed, this would be the first ever Major for StarLadder. The Ukrainian-based company has already proven itself to Valve, hosting several Dota 2 minors and, more recently, the Congqing Major. When it comes to CS:GO, however, StarLadder has mostly been involved in their own two projects: the lesser StarLadder StarSeries and the bigger StarSeries & i-League tournaments.

The choice of Berlin as a venue is also a first one for StarLadder, with the company mostly operating in Ukraine and China.

Until more details appear, CS:GO fans have to look forward to the impeding Major, the one at IEM Katowice. Starting just next week on Feb. 13, it will be ESL’s first Major since ESL One Cologne 2016. It will also reunite the Polish capital of CS:GO and the game’s most prestigious event for the first time since 2015, when Fnatic lifted the trophy over NiP.

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