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Rogue have qualified for the FACEIT Major in London as they beat out Dignitas, compLexity, EUnited, and compLexity again to make it through. This means the return of Hiko, cadiaN, SiCK, and Rickeh to the Major. The biggest name among those is Hiko who has some of the highest Major finishes of any NA player in history. As for vice, this will be his first ever Major attendance in his career. They will go to the Challengers Stage of the Major (which is basically what we used to call the Major Qualifier). As a team they have a decent skill across the lineup and I was impressed with their fundamentally sounds T-sides in terms of rotations based on map control gained.

There is still one other spot left to qualify for. compLexity move down to the lower bracket finals where they play the winner of NRG and EUnited (likely NRG). As for a prediction, I don’t think compLexity make it out. While their skill is good and stanislaw’s style of calling seems to take advantage of their style of players, they still lack fundamentals. The spacing is off, they don’t have the execution to match the pacing of their hits at times, and their utility needs work. With only one day left, they don’t have time to fix all of that and so they will need another huge performance from their individuals to upset NRG again, especially on their CT-side where the utility play is worse.

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