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Quick Scope is series of oftentimes short opinion pieces written by Steven Cropley.

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen has concluded and FaZe clan has hoisted the trophy, their first with this lineup. The addition of Marcelo “coldzera” David had many fans excited but the initial results were less than stellar, to say the least. So what did we learn about FaZe?

While I’m not saying they’ll be the next best thing and dominate the scene for months simply based off of one BLAST victory, I do think this lineup is finding their footing and after enough time with this core, players are learning.

NiKo isn’t down for the count, he’s on an upswing

It appeared as if not only did coldzera need some time to warm up to the new team, but some other members had gone cold as well with even Nikola “NiKo” Kovač far below expectations.

Photo: BLAST

Since the initial growing pains and a bit of a reality check for the star player, it seems he’s returning to form. The Bosnian player picked up the BLAST Copenhagen MVP following a stellar event which saw him finish with a 92.8 average damage per round.

These numbers are even more remarkable when you remember NiKo has once again fully taken on the role of the in-game leader since they elected to bring in a young talent in Helvijs “broky” Saukants and coldzera rather than a dedicated IGL.

The FaZe experiment might finally be molding into a legitimate team

I know it’s a funny thought after such a long drought with the “super team” but this lineup still has amazing upside. If the lineup follows a similar style to that of Team Liquid during their big run with a focus on loose play with proper spacing and trading alongside killer instinct confidence, they have the potential to be even better at it given the talent they possess.

Photo: BLAST

Whether or not this team is capable of performing in a more rigidly structured environment is still a big question mark for me. Initially, this was a big no for me given how each of the pieces of the squad had played in their previous lineups. Throwing the star players of different lineups together and forcing them into more “role” style players doesn’t work more times than it does in my opinion.

You’re taking players who have oftentimes been let off the “leash” in their teams to be the hero and putting them in a more controlled environment which typically leads to a drop in performance as we saw.

I’m leaning away from the firm no now though because there’s been more time for these players to finally have accepted some of these roles and become more comfortable in them. Learning how to play the game for their teammates rather than the other way around.

There’s still plenty left to see

As I said before, this isn’t the tell-all given it was mostly best-of-ones, however, we saw something out of the lineup we haven’t seen in a long time.

The players are all capable and it seems they may finally be learning the best way to utilize the pieces they have which has been the problem all along alongside the players not know how to fit into the puzzle.

With both the system and the players becoming synchronized, we may finally have a FaZe Clan that will be making many playoff runs in the months to come.

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