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‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

This was the first event for the NTC squad that are likely to be SK’s new team going forward. After watching them in two bo3s, I am underwhelmed. It’s still a bit early for this team in that while they have been together for about one and a half months, they have yet to really be tested online or on LAN. For at least this event though, I expected that they could have at least three star players in the server with fnx, felps, and kNg. kNg was disappointing overall (though not to the point of his twitter game at least), fnx was solid, and felps was meh.

I’d be a bit more optimistic except that they lost to mouz with a standin and BIG. While BIG always has a good team concept and structure, the firepower potential in their stars are very different. We’ll have to see going forward, but if I had to pick between buy or sell, I’d say sell this team.

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