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Congratulation on making the playoffs at StarSeries once again. How changed your emotions of doing it this time and previous event? Can you compare it?
This StarSeries is a little more smooth this time. Last time we went 0:2 and there was swiss bo3, so definitely a lot more games–at least 10 games during the group stage. Now, we played only three. I definitely like the old bo3 Swiss format more since it’s a lot more games because it is more competitive.

Before previous StarSeries, the community knew you as beasts of online play and you proved that the were wrong by reaching top-2 in Kyiv. So what’s your goal here?
We just pictured us and mousesports in the finals, so our goal is to get revenge for losing at ESL. Since we made top-2 last time we know we can do well and win this whole thing.

So what’s your plan for mouz? Can you share some thoughts about their weak points?
Just more preparation this time, I think. On ESL One New York it was only second time we ever played against them so we hadn’t much experience playing them before. Hopefully ,now, we can figure out our game plan.

You are runner-up of previous season, but organizers¬†didn’t send you a direct invite. Did that bother you?
A little bit. I mean having made the finals last season and not getting invited… We got an we weren’t in a ring kings when they did the invitations so we were top-10 or whatever, but first we understood. Hopefully next time we will be invited.

In previous interviews Daps said that your team struggled a bit with how to measure your progress. What about you? Where has your team progressed the most?
When I was first joined team, there was ECS and ESL online seasons where we definitely progressed the most almost flawless at both of leagues. We started out like a tier-1 team at that point. But I think now it boils down to figuring out the small things during matches we lose. So yes, in the beginning we progressed the most.

In your match against Vega Squadron it appeared to not go as expected. After that match, jR said that it wasn’t that their team played well, but you played bad. What are your thoughts? Did losing that many anti-eco rounds hurt you?
Definitely that’s our main issue. Those ecos. Just converting those rounds and we should win. I can’t say it’s often, but we were very unlucky in some of these rounds. So I think that we won some rounds that we shouldn’t have and they also did the same thing. Both teams did mistakes, but we made more.

Obviously at previous StarSeries events you were underdogs, but now you are one of the favorites. Which role is more comfortable for you?
Definitely as underdog. Because you have no pressure and usually you are playing a better. So, for me, it’s more comfortable playing a better teams because they are less random.

Let’s talk a bit about the major. You were knocked out in qualifiers. Now, after some time passed, what were the reasons of that? Do you think that you were the victim of outdated rules?
Honestly, I don’t remember much, but we really had a bad day. We played day two against an underdog, which is probably not the best thing to do. The format of major is fine, the only thing I don’t like is that Legends got to keep their spot to the next event. Especially if teams change their roster, it’s like a wasted slot on a next major.

After bowing out of the Major you had a lot of time to rest and practice. Did that help you reach the top-4 in New York and the playoffs here?
Not being at the Major so long helped us for sure, because we had a lot of practice time. It gave us a lot of time to diagnose some things and improve.

What do you think about new roster of EnVyUs? 
It’s interesting to see that combination of players especially Nifty and Jdm64. They have young players combined with some that have been out for a while. Nifty is pretty young, but he wasn’t playing for a while and Jdm and SEMPHIS weren’t playing for year, so it should be interesting.


Title Image Courtesy of StarSeries

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