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This tournament has a bunch of CS:GO tournaments going on and this blog will talk about the CS:GO Asia Championships. It’s run by Perfect World/PGL, so the production quality is likely to be high. As for what to expect, I think the three biggest things to look for are NiP, s1mple, and Virtus.Pro for completely different reasons.


For NiP, they just got lekr0 and removed draken. This team hit a cul-de-sac with their lineup, which is why they decided to get lekr0. He is a rifler, so NiP no longer have a dedicated AWPer so the thing to look out for is how they use the AWP and how well lekr0 fits into the squad.


As for s1mple, he is both the best player and the most entertaining player in the world. He will have the most exciting and fun plays of anyone regardless of level of competition so that is always a fun watch.


Finally Virtus.Pro for the complete opposite reason. This team feels like it died months ago and the all that remains is a walking zombie that smells of death. It just happens that Virtus.Pro is so beloved that no one wants to tell them, but we all know in our hearts that this team has to blow up. There is something broken in this team and no amount of time is going to fix it. Basically the thing to look out for Virtus.Pro is to see if there is any kind of hope anywhere on that squad. It’s just depressing.

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