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IBP Masters and ELeague couldn’t be any more different. While IBP Masters was hyped as a cool event to kick off the new season, it had numerous issues, too many to name. Suffice to say, it will likely go down as one of the worst CS:GO events in 2019, despite the fact that we still have 11 months worth of events to go.


For FaZe, Cloud9, and compLexity, they will travel out of the savager lands that was IBP Masters and head back to civilization as they look towards this tournament to give them the warm-up they need. The fourth team at the event will be BIG where they will unveil their new star player XANTARES.


This is one of those events where the winner and second place should be clear cut. FaZe have the most raw talent of any team here and should be the de-facto winners. BIG are the second best here and should be able to close out against the rest.


So while there isn’t a particularly huge draw in terms of big team value or parity of competition, all four teams are in transitional states of being. BIG and FaZe have recently made new changes to their roster that could shakeup how they’ve played thus far.


As for Cloud9 and compLexity, both teams are in a stand-in situation. Cloud9 have to use Zellsis as Golden is still on the mend. As for compLexity, they’ve been using n0thing as a stand-in and will play with him at the Major. Neither of these teams really got off the ground at IBP Masters as they only played bo1s, so this will be a far better test to see what both are capable of going into the Major.

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