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Vodafone Giants have suspended Ricardo “fox” Pacheco, formerly of G2 Esports and FaZe Clan for one month the organization has revealed. This punishment stems from comments the player made in a post-game interview after an LPCS win in which he made a sexist comment regarding domestic assault.

The comment made was in reference to a former teammate’s girlfriend. He stated that if João “KILLDREAM” Ferreira’s girlfriend was his girlfriend, he would have hit her due to her behavior.

The statement from Vodafone Giants in full, translated to English, can be read below:

“After reviewing the interview by Ricardo Pacheco “Fox” and acknowledging that Ricardo made sexist comments, taking in consideration his twenty plus years of professionalism without any wrongdoings, Vodafone Giants believes this is a grave infraction and will suspend the player for a period of one month.

Ricardo has shown he is deeply sorry to his teammates and especially his female teammates.”

The 33-year-old has since released a video where he confessed that his comments were not acceptable and apologized.

“Last Sunday I made some comments post-match that I would like to apologize for publicly. I am not a violent person nor have I had any history of violence. In my 20 years of career, this has never happened before.

What I said shouldn’t be said. I know there are kids watching and I am also a father, so I want to set a good example. I hereby apologize,” he said.

Due to his suspension, Vodafone Giants will be unable to use him for the Europe Minor Qualifier for the ESL One Major in Rio.

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