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While everyone seems to be pleased with the latest update’s content, there is a problem that many are hoping will be addressed. With the new player models brought into the game as “agents” that players can earn by completing missions, it seems there are some visual issues.

With the changes in color on the models coupled with some of the colors and textures of different maps, it can be harder to see certain players and almost act as a camouflage for some players.

It gets even worse for those who are color blind as was brought up by Team Liquid’s Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski. The professional player stated that he’d “really love if we had a cl_minmodel type command again.”

“I am color blind and I have been having some difficulties distinguishing some of the models from the backgrounds in some cases,” EliGE explained.

This command would be a client-side command rather than a server-side and turn off the new models for those who elected to use the command. This seems like a legitimate and fair way to solve these problems without removing the models completely from the game or just competitive games as some have suggested.

EliGE isn’t the only player to bring this up either. Former professional player and streamer Alex “LeX” Deily stated that due to being a colorblind player, he “won’t be playing CS:GO again in the near future” and cited the new models being “ridiculously hard to see.” He also requested the CS:GO add the old command in order to solve this problem.

Given this being an accessibility issue, it seems likely that Valve will create a solution and it could be exactly the one we’ve now seen brought forth.

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