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Last night, Valve announced a major change to the Active Duty map pool: Cache is out, Vertigo is in. The latter has only been restored to the CS:GO pool as of this January and is now pushing away a mainstay map from tournaments — and that would almost certainly include the upcoming Berlin Major as well.

As expected, the community is split on the decision. Some accepted the change as a good one, others — as an early April Fools joke.

Some casters and analysts, like SPUNJ, welcomed the change or reserved comment just yet

Some pro players were also happy

Others, however, did not like the move one bit

FaZe Clan coach Janko “YNk” Paunovic posted a whole thread on the negative side of this change, which we recommend you check out (follow the first tweet).

Analysts and players also engaged in meaningful discussion, like this one between Sean Gares and Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski

And finally, some found funny side of it all

What do you think? Is Vertigo a good replacement to Cache? Should Valve just rework Cache and put it back in?

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