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Roster construction has become more important than ever in modern day CS:GO. Teams all over the world are competing for a limited pool of players. This has only been exacerbated by karrigan’ international revolution. After bringing FaZe to prominence at the back end of 2016, multiple teams have gone down the international roster route. Nearly all of the teams are either willing to go full international (FaZe, Mouz, Cloud9) or willing to at least pick up one international player (Renegades, BIG, NRG, etc.).

As that’s the case, timing has become more important than ever in constructing winning sides in CS:GO. We’ve had multiple examples in the past few weeks. Mouz benched ChrisJ during the Major. At that point in time, it was uncertain that Mouz could get Karrigan into the lineup.

Teams like BIG and NiP all needed a player like him. BIG needed a primary AWPer with playmaking potential that respected gob b. NiP needed a primary AWPer, in-game leader, and spacemaker. ChrisJ could have been the perfect fit for either team. In NiP’s case, they were mid-Major so it makes sense why no one was thinking of roster changes. In the case of BIG, it was potentially possible to try to acquire ChrisJ before Mouz got karrigan and brought him back into the lineup.

A better example is the French scene. G2 stuck with their all-star lineup too long and when they eventually split, they decided to go with: Shox, kennyS, Ex6TenZ, SmithZz, and bodyy. This lost them the chance to recruit ZywOo as he joined NBK and apEX to create the Vitality project. Now all of the players that G2 could have wanted have been locked up into contracts in Vitality. A more recent example is AMANEK. He is someone that could have potentially joined either Vitality or G2. After the Major, G2 were able to get him before Vitality could even think about a roster move (though given the fact that NBK compared AMANEK to Happy, I don’t think the chances were high that Vitality were interested in him).

Another great example is Na`Vi. They hit their ceiling months ago and both AdreN and Hobbit were on the market for an extended period of time. Na`Vi refused to upgrade and now AdreN is playing for FaZe while Hobbit is in HellRaisers. CS:GO roster construction and evaluation is more important than ever and those teams that have good managers will get ahead of the rest the longer that CS:GO goes on.

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