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Team Liquid will play NRG Esports in the Group A upper bracket finals of ESL One Cologne, meaning both teams are guaranteed playoffs spot already. The “Cathedral of Counter-Strike” was witness to some crazy matches last night, giving a great start to one of the most iconic tournaments on the calendar.

Of all the matches played, the one between TL and Natus Vincere will perhaps be remembered the most. At 15-11, NaVi stood to win map one on Dust II, having three people alive against a single Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella. In an attempt to give the map a flashy, memorable ending, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev went in for a knife kill, failed it and allowed nitr0 to secure the 1v3 clutch. This eventually led to double OT, which Liquid ultimately won.

NaVi struck back in another close game, this time on Overpass, and forced game 3, but Mirage went fully in TL’s favor, sending NaVi to the lower bracket. There, the CIS team will play FURIA Esports, who knocked out Renegades in the previous round.

On the schedule for today are six matches total. Astralis, Fnatic, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and Heroic are looking to join Team Liquid and NRG in the playoffs, while the likes of MIBR and ENCE, as well as FaZe, mouz, and NaVi from Gorup, are fighting for survival.

ESL One Cologne, day 2 schedule (all times are CEST)

12:00 — BIG vs. MIBR
12:00 — ENCE vs. Team Vitality
15:30 — Astralis vs. Fnatic
15:30 — FaZe vs. mousesports
19:00 — NiP vs. Heroic
19:00 — NaVi vs. FURIA

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