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The fourth round of IEM Katowice Legends stage has ended. The three teams that have moved on are: Renegades, Na`Vi, and MIBR. The teams that have been eliminated are: G2, compLexity, and HellRaisers. Here are the big takeaways from this round of play.


ENCE Show Confidence


Before the round 4 games started, Allu gave a bold interview on HLTV that he wanted to play Dust2 against G2. This was surprising for a few reasons. First, ENCE had lost both of their Dust2 games earlier in this tournament against HellRaisers and BIG. They didn’t look particularly great either time. Secondly, Dust2 was G2’s best map they’ve shown thus far in the Major. Third, ENCE were on the brink of elimination and when teams are backed into the corner, they sometimes overreact to the games they’ve just played and completely change their map veto (the most famous example of this was when Friberg beat TSM on Train at Cluj-Napoca and that squad never played Train again).


Instead of wilting under the pressure though, ENCE allowed G2 to first pick Dust2 and then beat them on the map in overtime 19-17. This was an impressive feat by the squad that showed a lot of mental fortitude. ENCE let ready to win their final bo3 tomorrow to make it to the playoffs.


CompLexity Push FaZe to their Limits


The other big story of today was FaZe’s narrow victory over compLexity in their bo3. CompLexity used tactics and well run executes to shut down FaZe on cache. FaZe fired back on Mirage. In the decider map, coL took FaZe to their limits as they pushed it to all 30 rounds. FaZe were bailed out at the end by multiple opening kills from NiKo which allowed them to close the map and stop the upset.


Overall, compLexity’s run at the Major is something to be proud of. They came into the Major with a stand-in and off the back of two bad LANs. While they went 0-2 early on, they were able to beat NRG 2-0 and take FaZe to their limits. While it seems unlikely that this will be the starting five moving onward, that mental toughness is something that can be carried forward in the core of the team.


Renegades is Legit


Renegades look like a top 10 team in the world. What makes them look even better is that they aren’t doing it off of individual skill or playing far above their level. This team seems to have come up through strong teamplay, tactics, structure, and role balance. There is no piece in the puzzle that looks off (like dennis in NiP), no insane individual requirements for any individual player (like woxic or ISSAA in HellRaisers), just pure fundamental Counter-Strike. The most surprising team about this team is that they seem to be able to play six of the seven maps at a good level. We’ll have to see in the coming months how well they hold up under scrutiny, but they have been one of my favorite teams to spectate in this Major.


Other Fast Hits

  • Dennis has hit an all-time low in the NiP squad
  • MIBR and Na`Vi both look fine, but neither have seemed to hit their peak form yet.
  • G2 is a two map team (Dust2 and Overpass)
  • HellRaisers looks terrible relative to the amount of talent the team has.
  • Flusha seems to have recovered his form by becoming the in-game leader of Cloud9
  • s1mple has yet to solo destroy Liquid

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