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After Snax was benched from the roster of Mouz, he went on facebook to talk about his time on the Mouz team. The post was translated on reddit and one of the lines I thought most illuminating was when he says, “At the beginning I was satisfacted with how it goes, but with time when we started doing tactics and various plans for the game i started going down. I felt like a bot because my potential wasn’t used in right way. (If Styko played like that then big respect for him that he can play like that)”


That was after three months of playing with the team. He also did an interview with HLTV early on when he joined the lineup saying, “I think now there’s no support role in CS, I think there are only three roles: attacker, lurker, and sniper. Everyone can support.”


When Snax initially joined the Mouz roster, I thought the very way he looked at the roles in CS meant that he wasn’t going to fit in this team the same way that STYKO had. That turned out to be correct as Snax found out in his time in Mouz. There was such a thing as a support role and he couldn’t fill that role for this team. While there are no designated spots or roles that define a support player, there is a mentality. A belief that they must sacrifice for the other players in the squad so that they can shine and the team as a whole can become greater than the sum of its parts. Snax didn’t fit that mentality and that’s why I think Mouz have decided to go back with STYKO in the end.

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