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Snax has officially joined Mouz effectively putting STYKO on the bench. The reaction to this move seems to be mixed. Some pros have come out saying that they expect Snax to get back to his old form and be rejuvenated on this Mouz team. For my part, I’m far more skeptical. Is Snax going to play STYKO’s roles? If that’s the case, then it seems like a gamble as I don’t know if he can do something like that. Is he going to be one of the star players on the team? If that is the case then one of suNny, ropz, or oskar is going to take a hit in terms of resources and attention from the team. I think a large part of it will come down to lmbt to see if he can integrate Snax into the lineup.

It’s an interesting move as Mouz have shown they want to get to the next level. The problem with this though is that it’s a gamble. There is a potential upside if you can get old Snax back, but the downside is that Mouz can also go further down. This move isn’t like the previous dennis or NBK rumors as both of them were known quantities. The only thing we know of Snax in the last 15 months is that he’s been consistently underwhelming. As for Virtus.Pro, they will also have to make moves. I think the obvious choice is Snatchie as he looks to be the best Polish player right now. You’ll just need to move Pasha back to a rifler, but it’s worth the change.

As for STYKO, I think he’s a good role player/support. It’s hard to say where he should go as all of the potential moves he could make would bump him down to a worse team. It will also depend on his own buyout with Mouz. If I had to give advice, I’d probably say to hold tight until after the Major is done in a few months. By then roster shuffles will change and Mouz could need to bring him back into the roster depending on if any conflicts arise.

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