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SMASH have announced that the organization has parted ways with the CS:GO lineup previously under their banner. This is due to the two sides being unable to “come to an agreement to move forward with an extension of the contracts.”

This move comes just six months after the organization signed the lineup. During that time the team competing in the Europe Minor closed qualifiers, Home Sweet Home Cups, and more.

You can find the full announcement from SMASH below:

Today we say goodbye to our CSGO squad. Unfortunately we didn’t come to an agreement to move forward with an extension of the contracts. During our six months together we managed to climb the ladder and are now ranked #41 in the world, a result we are very proud of considering this happened with only online matches.

We hope the players and coach will find a new home soon where they can develop further as a team. (In case of interest contact Anton Georgiev We have shared some amazing moments and truly enjoyed our time together!

This means that for the near future SMASH will not have a CSGO roster. However, this is not a “goodbye” but a “see you later”. We’re pleased to tease that we are expanding our horizon and will come with some very exciting announcements in a few days. Eat sleep SMASH repeat!

Former SMASH lineup:

-Kristjan “⁠fejtZ⁠” Allsaar
-Kamen “⁠bubble⁠” Kostadinov
-Joakim “⁠disco doplan⁠” Gidetun
-Denis “⁠grux⁠” Gutaj
-Kristjan “⁠shokz⁠” Jakobson

-Anton “⁠ToH1o⁠” Georgiev (coach)

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