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The T-side roles of TACO are easier to break down considering that he is the support player so his job is just to fill out the roles the other Liquid players don’t want. On Mirage his typical default at the beginning used to be playing from palace (which was a carryover from his MIBR days). Later on the team swapped his roles with NAF, so TACO became one of the main pack players that took control of mid. He’s the guy who helps EliGE, Nitr0, or TwistZz take control of map control on this map.


Outside of Mirage, TACO is what I call a 70/25/5 passive wing player. Seventy percent of the time, his job is to hold his position in the default while twenty-five percent of the time, he might make an independent play. The last five percent has him do something else depending on his spawn, weaponry, or tactics. In general though, he’s the squeak on Cache, B tunnels on Dust2, aps on Inferno, and the B area on Overpass. Among the maps, I’d say his specialty is Dust2 and Overpass where he is the most likely to make a solo play to find a pick. What’s interesting about his impact kills is that they are generally timing based. He seems to know when the CTs are looking elsewhere, sneak in, get a headshot and then either go forward or back  depending on the situation.


As for the actual hit, he is almost always in the back. Here is generally how I’d break down the Liquid hit as it works for most of the maps. Assuming it’s a 5 rifle setup it goes: Nitr0/TwistZz first and second (sometimes). EliGE third. NAF the aggressive lurker/entry and TACO the passive lurker/holder. While Liquid change the roles between the first four players enough that I can’t actually call them a primary role for them, in the case of TACO his role hasn’t changed much at all in terms of the actual hits they do. As for Stewie2k, he is on the polar opposite end of that equation as he has always played the aggressive space-making entry fragger for the team. In the case that Stewie2K does join Liquid, I feel like Liquid should probably put Stewie2K in the front given that I always thought he was the most impactful from that particular role. Having said that, I do remember that Dazed once said years ago on stream that if it was up to him, that he’d want Stewie2K to be one of his closers. We’ll have to see how Liquid decide to play it out if the player change goes through.

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