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VALORANT has been unveiled as the game previously dubbed Project A and it’s taking the internet by storm. The game is already being touted as the next big thing and many are already planning just how much time they’ll be pouring into it.

With the first set of Agents, their abilities, and the weapons/buy menu being uncovered, Riot Games’ CEO Nicolo Laurent, has put even more excitement to the game with the game’s commitments.

He stated in a tweet that VALORANT will be providing 128-tick servers, will be playable with 30+ FPS on systems from a decade ago, will be consistently at 60-144 FPS on modern-day gaming computers, a focus on keeping pings low for all players in “major cities around the world,” alongside a commitment to anti-cheat and netcode which he says they’ve “been obsessing over for years.”

This is a reiteration of claims he made in regards to the team behind the game being in a “war against peeker’s advantage and aimbots.”

This is great news for gamers all around the world who wish to avoid the seemingly never-ending surge of hackers entering popular titles like Counter-Strike.

Whether or not Riot can truly deliver on this is, of course, another story. We hope though!

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