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It is Liquid’s world as they roll through ENCE in the grand finals of Intel Extreme Masters Chicago 2019. The best-of-five match only needed three as Liquid made easy work of their Finnish opponents in the first two maps before winning a nail biting third.

After an initial pistol round victory for ENCE, Liquid countered with a second round victory and didn’t look back during the first half. A second half pistol victory gave the Fins a little hope, even if they still had a mountain to climb. Liquid would end that hope relatively quickly though as they once again won the following rounds, cruising the rest of the way to a 16-2 victory.

Photo: Team Liquid

Map two would follow a similar fashion with Liquid pulling out another dominant performance leading to a 16-3 victory on Nuke.

The final map, Inferno, was more tightly contested by the half and would continue to be so until the game was nearing its end. At 15-14 it would come down to a 1v1 between Jake “stewie2k” Yip and Sami “xseveN” Laasanen in which the North American would maneuver his way around the bombsite, flanking xseveN and sealing his teams victory.

Liquid have now tied Astralis with six wins in a row at events considered tier 1. Their only recent blemish came at cs_summit 4 when they fell to Vitality in the finals.

At this rate, a Major victory is certainly looking promising for the best team in the world.

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