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Following his team’s elimination from DreamHack Open Atlanta, Jared “osorandom” Hartman sat down with VPesports to discuss the recent announcements around the team, Austin “Cooper” Abadir, Pujan “FNS” Mehta, and the future. eUnited was eliminated 2-0 by Luminosity who they had bested the day prior before falling to compLexity to put themselves in the elimination match.  It is currently unknown who Cooper will replace in the active lineup of eUnited’s CS:GO team.

You can find the full interview below:

VPesports: All right, so first off, not the best result here. You guys were looking to kinda get the revenge on LG. You did, and they ended up turning around. You guys seem to be going back and forth. Can you talk to me, a little bit about you guys and LG and what seems to be a bit of a rivalry coming out?

osorandom: Yeah, well, we played LG in Chicago, we played them in the EPL last matches and then we played them for opening matches here. So after playing six or seven matches, we played every map basically, but Nuke. So once you start playing a team that much there starts to be a certain level of repetition and you start to get a feel for how the other team plays. They ended up besting us on the last series but I think that if we play them it will be a good match overall.

VPesports: Okay and with all the things that have been happening lately which got blown up between Cooper and Freak, eUnited, and the roster. And then, people not knowing who exactly is leaving the roster, who’s Cooper replacing. What is that like for the morale of the team? We saw some that said everybody’s trying really hard because of it, and others who maybe are worried.

osorandom: Yeah, so everyone is trying their best, and it’s like, basically the way we see it is that we need a strong AWP, and we knew that Cooper was gonna be the best role for that. Skyler’s done a really good job transitioning into that role, but it’s not a good fit for him personally. So right now we’re evaluating what the best roster we could make with Cooper is, so everybody is putting more effort making sure that they’re covering all the bases, making sure that there doing the best that they can for the team.

VPesports: When it comes to who ends up leaving, who the player that doesn’t fit into the scheme that you’re trying for, how much influence and power do you have on that verses like the General Manager?

osorandom: So basically it’s on me and FNS to make that call. We do get input from some of the other players on who they want to play with including Cooper as an example of who we all seem to do well with but he has a little bit less experience obviously working with him than we do, but ultimately it’s up to me to make sure we have the best roster moving forward.

VPesports: With bringing in FNS and all the stuff following pretty soon after with different roster moves. Do you guys give him like a grace period during that? Or are you still taking the results that you got with him at the head being like oh these aren’t the best, or do you say like hey we know things aren’t perfect we’re bringing in something to fix it.

osorandom: We do know that things aren’t perfect we are bringing in someone to fix it. One of the things though is that we compared our numbers for how well we were performing on t-side at the beginning of the season compared to at the end and when FNS joined. Our t-sides have been tremendously better our ct-sides have struggled a little bit as there is a little bit of role issues for when people play anchor, rotater, aggressive, passive, etc so that’s part of the reason of what were trying to do to solve this with who’s the best on ct-side as well.

(Photo: eUnited)

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