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Every once in awhile you get a piece of news that hits you like the big bang. Thoughts explode into a cacophony of different explosions, paths, and trains as you try to figure out what exactly is going on. This is essentially what happened to me after Jacob Wolf reported that MIBR and Liquid are in talks of a trade. The trade seems to be Stewie2K for TACO and zews.


If the actual trade gets confirmed 100%, then I will likely do a full article about all of the potential ramifications and potential thought processes that I think went behind the moves. For now though, my initial reaction is that MIBR would win out in such a trade. I believe that zews is one of the best coaches in the scene both in on an emotional and tactical level. TACO is a player who can fill out the support roles that they’ve needed all year. It’s true that TACO was bad at the end of his time there, his time on Liquid showed that he still has it in him to play at a high level.


As for Stewie2K to Liquid, I think the move makes sense in terms of personality. Stewie2K does have that a certain aggressive wildstreak to him which has led Cloud9 to multiple championships in the past. However, I don’t know exactly how he’d fit into the lineup as he doesn’t currently fit in half of TACO’s roles and the star trio is clearly established on Liquid as they already have EliGE, Twistzz, and NAF.

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