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It took Smooya less than one week, but he has effectively shot his career in the foot. One week ago, he was set to play with BIG at the CS:GO Major. The Majors are the world championships of CS:GO and the tournament that every player and team wishes to win. They are the most prestigious events of the year and the ones that can have the biggest impact on a person’s legacy.


Smooya then threw it all away as he decided to bench himself right before the Major. This was a bad move as he essentially showed the world through his actions that he was a bad teammate. Regardless of how little he enjoyed playing with BIG or not, Smooya could have always postponed his own benching until after the Major had ended. From the outside, the move basically tells other players that Smooya will quit on the team right before one of the biggest events of their lives. We’ve seen many players and teams go into the Major under bad circumstances, but we’ve rarely seen players quit before the tournament even started.


I will give credit to Smooya in that he had nothing but nice words to say about the other BIG players after his departure and was honest about how he didn’t feel like he fit the team, though he improved and became a better player.


While I can understand it to some extent, the problem was that BIG was the best team he could play on. He’d have to go down a level and build himself up again. Then he flamed refrezh on FPL and that got him temporarily banned from FACEIT.


So let me lay down the positives and negatives of having Smooya on a team at this point.



  • Wild card, playmaking AWPer
  • Has been able to play in a tactical system, though it’s not his preference
  • Fairly Skilled player



  • Quit on his team before the Major
  • Quit on the team because he doesn’t enjoy himself
  • Based on interviews, may be hard to work with
  • A PR liability


While I don’t think this is the utter end of Smooya’s career (he’d have to go full kNg to manage that), at this point in time I don’t see why any top organization or team would consider picking Smooya up given all of the baggage that could come with him. Luckily for Smooya, CS:GO allows for redemption. If he can sincerely prove that he’s learned from these lessons and grow up, he could potentially find himself on a top ranked team again down the line.

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