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Natus Vincere bested FaZe Clan 2-0 to knock them out of the IEM Katowice Major and advance to the semifinals. The CIS side is thus a step closer to repeating their grand final finish from the FACEIT London Major and, should they survive the semifinals, will likely play Astralis again.

Inferno: NaVi win 16-13

The first half of Inferno saw teams’ biggest stars — s1mple and Niko — be uncharacteristically quiet, which left room for other players to stand out. Flamie scored an ace to give the pistol round to NaVi but this was one of very few rounds the CIS side took on their CT half. With GuardiaN and rain showing big, FaZe entered the second half with 10-5 advantage.

Flamie was excellent for NaVi once again on their T half, scoring another ace in the pistol round.

Now, Niko’s lack of impact started to hurt. With FaZe’s star player not performing, the European side struggled against the frag fiesta of Flamie and Electronic. The Bosnian finished the series with mere 13 kills, on par with NaVi’s worst fragger in Zeus, as the worst performing player on the server. At 16-13, Natus Vincere stole FaZe’s own map pick to lead the series 1-0.

Mirage: NaVi win 16-7

The two teams ping-ponged rounds in the first half, but NaVi were able to score a couple of key rounds and reset FaZe’s economy at critical times in the half. Tied 4-4, NaVi proceeded to win five of the next six rounds, resetting FaZe in round 12 and extending this to a 9-6 lead at the end of the half.

While FaZe won their second pistol half on the map on their T side, the second half was all NaVi all the way. FaZe couldn’t convert their pistol victory into a score equalizer and NaVi strung seven in a row to eliminate the European powerhouse from the IEM Major.

Zeus was once again on fire for NaVi, with an extraordinary high fragging numbers for an IGL. Once again, NaVi’s captain was on par kills-wise with teams’ stars in Niko and s1mple and even out-fragged every other member on FaZe Clan to finish as the second best player on the server.

In the semifinal, NaVi will face the winner of Liquid and ENCE, with the North American side the heavy favorites. This could be bad news for the CIS team, as they’ve lost the last four best-of-3’s to Team Liquid.

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