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In a Tweet from their official account, FURIA has revealed the resigning of its entire Counter-Strike roster. This is relatively expected given the team’s success over the last several months, however, what is perhaps not expected was the addition of “5 years.”

Yes, FURIA announced that their team has signed on with the team for another five years. “We are delighted to announce that we renewed the CSSGO team’s contract for another 5 years” the post read to the surprise of many.

While not completely unheard of, contracts of this length are generally not sought by either party given a landscape that changes frequently as many games do due to meta changes, updates, and more. FURIA has been on the rise as many teams in the past have been but their ability to stay near the top will be tested each time they step in the server.

The best team in the history of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has even seen their reign falling apart as Astralis continue to struggle. Another thing to reflect on is, of course, the veteran lineup that signed long and big money contracts and began to decline shortly after only to end up splitting up completely at the start of this year.

While there’s a power to commitment and loyalty, there is certainly a lot of risk as well. Whether or not this will be a good idea in the future is of course unknown but many prominent members of the scene are already questioning the move.

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