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Warning: The video contains many expletives.

UPDATE: freakazoid went live again shortly after in a more calm and collected fashion stating that he wishes his brother the best and does not want this to impact his career or to garner him any negative attention or repercussions. That video can be found here.

Original story:

After a report from regarding Austin “Cooper-” Abadir in a potential move to eUnited, his brother Ryan “Freakazoid” Abadir has made a statement and he’s not pleased. The former Cloud9 and Echo Fox player had joined up with his brother in an attempt to make history and become the first brother duo to climb up to the ESL Pro League in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. With a fantastic season thus far in the Mountain Dew League all but guaranteeing the squad at least a shot at it, Cooper appears to have elected to pursue other options.

With the discussion starting roughly a minute and 20 seconds into the VOD, Ryan immediately stresses that he’s not hating on his brother, nor does he hate him.

“First off I’m upset as fuck,” freakazoid said in regards to the news. He goes into detail about how happy he was initially receiving that call and how proud he was over his brothers hard work. The issue he explains comes from the length of time it took to make the decision and how that will directly impact his team, Swole Patrol.
You can find the full VOD below:

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“You gotta man up and make your own decision and I’m talking directly to him,” he said. “You just fucked me, you literally fucked me. A years hard work I’ve put into this shit trying to build you up, and I told you I was happy three or four weeks ago but you know you fucked the team. We have playoffs in one to two weeks, we’re trying to go to fucking pro and you fucked us and you know it too!”

“We coulda done it together. We could’ve created history. Instead you got greedy, you got scared. You don’t think a month from now, even if we didn’t make pro, you don’t think a month after that you couldn’t have left the team and someone wouldn’t have offered you?” he asked towards the camera. “C’mon bro, you have so much fucking talent and you know that too. You have the handwork, the dedication, and I woulda helped you out no matter what. I’m always by your side. But when you did that shit, you fucked me out of my dream and you fucked me out of this season.” he added.

“A brother doesn’t do that shit.”

He goes on to tear into eUnited, calling them snakes among other not so kind words directed towards them.

The player speaks in a calmer tone at the end and explains his future. In regards to his current team he says, “I’m not going to play with them anymore. I know this is going to upset them but I kinda have to go my own way and my own route. I’ll help them out toward the MDL season, I’ll try and win and get them into pro,” the player revealed. “I’m quitting, I’m just not gonna play. It’s not not playing, I’m going to get my own offers or I’m gonna stream and just enjoy the game. That’s just how I feel.”

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