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In a highly anticipated meeting between Richard Lewis and Robin “Fifflaren” Johannson, the former professional player has provided insight into the struggles of what many thought was the perfect situation to be in.

Ninjas in Pyjamas were the only dominant team for the first year of CS:GO at the very least. The Swedish side attended and won every tournament and was bringing in plenty of prize money while they amassed a miraculous 87-game win streak. And while those prize pools were abysmal compared to what we see today, at the rate they were attending and winning it was still a nice chunk of cash. Then you add in that NiP was one of the first organizations to get such major sponsorship deals and the publicity that came along with being the best team in the world and things seem perfect.

This wasn’t the case, however, and Fifflaren lays it all out with some additional information being dug up by Lewis himself throughout the video to provide more details, context, and confirmation to claims being made.

These claims range from mistreatment, deceit, payment mishaps, and more. During that run of dominance, it appears very little of the player earned prize money ever made it to the players. This was, according to NiP at the time, due to one of the founders, Niklas Fischier, fleeing to Thailand and taking the money with him.

This is just one of many accusations made by the former player. He also states restrictions were placed on the team regarding relationships as the organization feared it would effect the teams performance.

He’s not the only one backing this story though as his former teammates Adam “friberg” Friberg and Richard “xizt” Landström have come forward on Twitter to support these claims.

You can see the full discussion between Lewis and Fifflaren via the Lewis’ YouTube channel below.

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