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Photo by: ESL

More and more CS:GO teams are withdrawing from the 2018 WESG Grand Finals. Major grand finalists ENCE Esports are the latest in a string of four, confirming on Twitter that family, scheduling and visa issues will bar them from travelling to China.

ENCE’s withdrawal comes after all of k23, Isurus and MVP PK announced they won’t be present in Congqing either. k23’s and Isurus’ withdrawals are particularly impactful as they force a rather comical situation in Group C, where the only two teams remaining are now MIBR and AGO Esports, which are now both guaranteed to advance to the next stage and don’t even need to play the match between them.

Withdrawal of teams is common for WESG events. Last year, a total of five teams could not attend, including s1mple’s Team Ukraine. Visa issues was the most often cited reason.

2016 saw a similar problem, though it was only GODSENT who couldn’t make it.

Among teams withdrawing from its grand finals, WESG is also battling the problem of owing teams prize money from two years back. Recent reports placed WESG as one of the three Chinese tournament organizers, others including WCA and China Top, which are yet to pay prize pools to their participants.

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