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DreamHack has unveiled the talent for its very near Open Rio Counter-Strike event. The event is slotted for April 19 to 21 and will feature eight total teams split into two groups of four. There will be $100,000 up for grabs with each team aiming to take home the lions share of $50,000 and hoist the trophy.

Commanding the desk will be Mark “Boq” Wilson who will be joined by Christine “potter” Chi and Dustin “dusT” Mouret. Taking fans through each match will be the Scraunders duo of Conner “scrawny” Girvan and Mohan “Launders” Govindasamy and Danish/British combo of Neils “rizc” Topps and Tom “tombizz” Bissmire.

eUnited are the only North American representative while Brazil will be bringing two in the form of FURIA and INTZ. They will also all be a part of Group A where they will be joined by AVANGAR.

The full schedule from match one til the final is listed here:

Friday, April 19
12:00 |  AVANGAR vs.  eUnited | BO1
13:30 |  Valiance vs.  W7M | BO1
15:00 |  FURIA vs.  INTZ | BO1
16:30 |  AGO vs.  Sharks | BO1
18:00 | Group A winners’ match | BO1
19:30 | Group B winners’ match | BO1

Saturday, April 20
09:00 | Group A elimination match | BO3
12:00 | Group B elimination match | BO3
15:00 | Group A decider match | BO3
18:00 | Group B decider match | BO3

Sunday, April 21
09:00 | Semi-final #1 | BO3
12:00 | Semi-final #2 | BO3
16:00 | Grand final | BO3

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